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Kompan Italia srl

via Torino, 2 - 20121 Milano
(+39) 02 89760861    
Contact: Antonella Persiani - Gaspare Tararà    


KOMPAN Sport & Fitness

Kompan is a leader in the design and construction of outdoor play areas and fitness since over 45 years. Our solutions include timeless classic equipment, such as swings and spring toys, but also unique solutions, such as our iconic Corocord rope structures or our modern line of GALAXY teenage play equipment.

When everyone can play together, then the game is inclusive. Playgrounds and fitness areas must be the center of the community. There are no “exclusive” zones, access is guaranteed to everyone.

Each KOMPAN solution fully reflects the needs of its users, whether it’s playing, training, or just sitting and watching the younger generation. This is KOMPAN’s vision of the perfect way to create healthy and happy communities. A community that enjoys itself outdoors waiting for a bright tomorrow. LET’S PLAY!