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Plasteco - Corporate

Plasteco - Collapsable tank, Milano

In today’s totally interconnected world, Plasteco Milano is a company with a global vocation, which moves at ease from Russia to North Africa, from the Middle East to Australia with efficiency, professionalism and the ability to innovate for any need. From structural intervention to emergency, from polar cold to torrid heat.

The Company is projected towards a future of experimentation, technology and solidity.

When the idea becomes reality

From the specific request of the customer starts the process of “conception and design” that we follow entirely within our structure controlling all the  steps: production, testing, up to installation.

The real competitive asset of Plasteco Milano are the design engineers, the production technicians, the quality control and the testing staff and trained assemblers.

The materials

For plastic materials, only one choice: the best.
No compromises. The quality of the best design can be nullified if the choice of material is not up to the task. We apply this criterion on all fronts: from the most common polyester/polyamide fibre fabrics coated with pvc and polyurethane thermoplastic elastomers (both polyester and polyether matrix), to the most sophisticated aramid/glass/other fibres with different types of compounds (etfe , pvdf, etc.).

The products

Tensile Structures, Steel and Wood Tents, Special Roofing, Aluminium Structures,
Pressostructures and Pressostatics, Pneumatic blinds, Blinds with metal structure, Anti-pollution and anti-flooding barriers


Large sports facilities, large canopies, grandstands, events and stands, civil protection, industry, etc.

The historical stages

It all began in 1956 with the study of plastic welding techniques, which was a brand new material at the time. The first important realizations that became famous in Italy: Mucca Carolina and Susanna Tutta Panna.

First pressostatic cover: the continuous evolution of the first activity leads to the realization of challenging projects. 1964 is the year of the creation of the first Plasteco pressostatic cover.

The famous “pressure balloons”, designed for the storage of goods, will find a wide range of applications, especially in the sports field.

From pressostatic to textile architecture, the step was not a short one, but the company made it with increasing success. In 1980 the first tensile structures were created, avant-garde creations where plastic technology was combined with metal, wood or reinforced concrete carpentry. In 2012 the self-supporting pneumatic tent for emergency situations was born.