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Safe Log srl

via Abate Tommaso, 50 - 30020 Quarto d'Altino (VE)
(+39) 0422 1860250    
Contact: Federico Rombolotto - Alessandro Gerlin    

Safe Log S.r.l. supplies safety systems, sports and civil trauma protection and anti-trauma flooring for indoor and outdoor use. Specifically, Safe Log offers to its customers research, design, development, technical assistance before and after sales and the installation of safety products suitable for environments that require special attention, finding the most appropriate solutions to meet different needs and customizing every type of request, thanks to twenty years of consolidated experience.

Anti-trauma protections in Italy and abroad

Safe Log S.r.l. operates throughout the national territory and also abroad, guaranteeing the safety of public and private places such as homes, kindergartens, companies, schools, parks, gyms, sports halls, stadiums, playgrounds, campsites or in any case where it is necessary to provide accident prevention coverage, flooring and anti-trauma protection.

Safety products and systems

The products supplied by Safe Log are certified, tested and are mainly:

  • Protections: panelling, wall walls, corners;
  • Indoor flooring: interlocking carpets;
  • Anti-trauma flooring for outdoor use: interlocking, cast carpets;
  • Games and play structures for outdoor use;
  • Radiator coverings, gates, fences and scoreboards;
  • Polycarbonate: dividers, curtain walling;
  • Synthetic grass;
  • Films