After promotion to Serie A, Empoli and Venezia choose Omsi

As they move up to the big leagues, the promoted clubs have adapted their home stadiums to meet the new challenges. Omsi is present with new seating in the stands at Pier Luigi Penzo in Venice and Castellani in Empoli.

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In 2021, with the surprising return of Venezia FC to Serie A after an absence of almost 20 years, the covered grandstand of Pier Luigi Penzo Stadium has also been equipped with new seats.
In the central area, in particular, Omsi has provided folding seats model M2013 and M2016 in black, mounted directly on the front of the tier. On the sides, orange on one side and green on the other, model M2003 monocoque seats were installed.

A new Reality Sky Box has also been created, positioned next to the players’ benches, in which about 200 Leonardo Silver armchairs, designed by Pininfarina for Omsi, have been inserted.
Lastly, new MP2021 workstations have been installed in the press box, which has been doubled in size. The special feature of the MP2021 press box is the innovative joint for closing the work surface, made entirely of polyamide, which is resistant to atmospheric agents and particularly suitable for areas with high humidity and salt concentration.


Between 2020 and 2021, in spite of the uncertainty caused by the Government’s decisions regarding the reopening of the facilities in the autumn and the relative capacities allowed, the Marathon Stand in the Castellani stadium was restructured. The large sector has seen the installation of about 6,000 high-backed monocoque seats model M2011 small, in accordance with the latest FIFA and UEFA regulations, which make up the writing “EMPOLI” at the top and “1920” at the bottom.

A 6 mm thick edge runs around the perimeter of the shell from the seat to the backrest and prevents gripping during vandalism; large 4 mm thick ribs connect the two walls of the backrest and provide excellent resistance to blows from the rear.
In the Curva Nord there are about 2,000 seats model M2008, while the Curva Banca Dinamica, the Curva Sud and the two side stands see again the model M2011 small. Finally, it is worth mentioning the installation of 77 seats for journalists, model MP2021 with model M2016 seats with self-supporting feet, in the new press stand.

(News by OMSI srl)