Clean Garden Sport®: cleaning for sport fields and safety for the players

Synthetic turf, whetever it is used for in sports or residential areas, has several advantages from the maintenance point of view compared to the natural turf.

Also published in: Tsport 331

Its cleaning is extremely easy and fast, indeed rinsing with water is a common habit although this one is not the enough to cleanse it deeply, especially if we consider sports fields.
Fields are exposed to the weathering and trampling 365 days a year and consenquently subject by bacteria and other polluting factors. Sweat, saliva and blood are just some of the causes that impact the infill state and players health condition, therefore it is good to treat them with specific product.
To the above mentioned Federcalcio says stop disinformation and with the new Standard Regulation –  approved by L.N.D. on December 7th 2018 – obliges all managers of synthetic turf to clean the fields once every 2 months with certified products by L.N.D.
Chimiver labs have created in 2015 Clean Garden Sport® a cleaner for sports turf, it is 98% biodegradable product composed by surfactants of natural origin coming from sugar and by local raw materials. It is additivated by special nanoparticles which generate a long-lasting cleaning action, it does not leave halos and it perfumes the field of floral fragrance.

Clean Garden Sport® is in accordance with FIGC regulation and it is available in two versions “Extra” (for synthetic turf in extreme stress conditions) and “Antistatico”.
Chimiver commitment in “green” field is not limited only for maintenance products, you have to consider below a flawless synthetic turf you always find a Chimiver adhesive. Our Adesiver Green Turf, a two-component polyurethane adhesive, is formulated with 75% natural raw materials (28% of those are renewable), while packaging is 100% completely recycled.
(by Chimiver)