Eco Next, the 100% recyclable synthetic grass by Safitex Turf

Safitex made its debut in the textile sector in 1968, inheriting the glorious past of the F.lli Testa di Gabriele wool mill.

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Year after year, Safitex experimented and researched new products and markets until, in 2002, it dedicated all its resources to a new product: synthetic turf. This was the milestone that saw Safitex become Safitex Turf.
This is when synthetic turf, the new challenge, becomes an opportunity to sum up all its values: quality, expertise, respect for nature and the environment.
Eco Next is the embodiment of all these values: a technology – patented in 2009 – that makes a reliable and safe sports surface that is easy to reuse thanks to its 100% polyethylene composition, in full compliance with the principles of the circular economy.

Not only that, the capacities of the production facilities make it possible to obtain a synthetic turf processed with exclusive solutions. In particular, stress of use and reliability are combined to find the best conditions.
Eco Next, entirely made in Italy, using mainly Ten Cate Theolon yarns, is the first synthetic grass carpet that has obtained the CSI Recyclable Plastic certification, the European mark that attests to the total recyclability of the product. Being 100% recyclable, it avoids disposal costs when the pitch is dismantled.
Eco Next, in particular, is draining due to the properties of the materials used: its water retention, favoured by the presence of an additional layer in the base of the mat, helps to lower the temperature of the surface. Thanks to the absence of holes in the PE backing, the mat is more resistant and avoids drainage impediments caused by the stabilising sand infill that can obstruct the holes and reduce permeability.

Safitex Turf has built many LND approved 11-a-side football pitches throughout Italy, including the pitches at the Atalanta Sports Centre in Zingonia (Bergamo), the technical areas of the Juventus Stadium (Turin), the training pitches at the Inter training centre in Milan, the Venezia training ground in Mestre, and many others.

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