Ecostar 2K HP from Chimiver, the paint for sports floors and elastic surfaces

Among the Chimiver brand products, Ecostar 2K HP is the new paint, coloured and transparent, suitable for sports floors and elastic surfaces.

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Ecostar 2K HP is one of the products developed by Chimiver in its product line dedicated to elastic flooring such as PVC, linoleum, rubber, LVT and SPC, materials widely used as coverings in places where sport is practised.

Chimiver is the leading Italian company in the field of parquet products with specific solutions for all types of residential, public and sports surfaces.

Sports flooring plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety, performance and enjoyment of athletes in various disciplines. From indoor gyms to outdoor courts, each type of surface offers unique and specific characteristics according to the different types of sports practised.

Like all flooring, sports surfaces need targeted treatments that last over time and enhance athletes’ performances.

Chimiver is able to offer a range of water-based paints with very low emissions but at the same time with high chemical/physical resistance, capable of giving the flooring very high resistance to wear, scratching and abrasion, very frequent damage when practising sport. This extends the useful life of the surfaces, making maintenance and refitting easy, inexpensive and quick.

Ecostar 2K HP transparent and coloured

Ecostar 2K HP by Chimiver is a transparent two-component aliphatic polyurethane water-based varnish for the treatment of PVC, linoleum, rubber, LVT and SPC flooring. This finish is able to give a transparent and flexible covering, which confers high chemical-physical resistance, resistance to wear, scratching and abrasion, and also gives the flooring an anti-slip effect, a fundamental characteristic in the case of coverings for sports use.

The same formulation is also available in a coloured version (Ecostar 2K HP Coloured, available in RAL, NCS and sample colours), a versatile and decorative solution ideal for revitalising, restoring or giving a new look to old floorings.

Both products are suitable for painting both indoors and outdoors and are recommended for all sports surfaces, floors in domestic homes and public buildings. They can also be combined within the same application cycle, e.g. a first coat of coloured paint and a second coat with a clear topcoat to enhance the non-slip effect.

Chimiver Ecostar 2K HP: not only floorings

Ecostar 2K HP Coloured is also ideal (and this is a great novelty) for painting elastic surfaces such as tarpaulins and tensile structures, that are particularly common in sports centres. Over time, these substrates tend to be ruined and discoloured by the weather and atmospheric agents, leaving stains and signs that make the tarpaulins ‘old’ and weakened.

Replacing these elastic materials completely, however, is costly and involves a waste of time and resources, making the playing fields unusable for several weeks.

Thanks to the solution by Chimiver it is possible to plan rapid recovery operations, applying the paint directly on the surface without the need to dismantle the marquee, returning tarpaulins as good as new and extending their life.

The use of high quality paints therefore is a sustainable alternative, bringing damaged surfaces to new life: avoiding the complete replacement of floors or tarpaulins not only guarantees considerable economic savings but also ensures greater respect for the environment, with no needs of the disposal of materials that in many cases would not be recyclable.

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