Fun Rubber Bact, the new and innovative bacteriostatic granule for artificial turf fields created by Pentaplast

Pentaplast, in collaboration with the Lebsc srl Analysis and Research laboratory, has created an SBR granule with bacteriostatic properties.

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The Covid 19 pandemic has intensified the need to live in safer, more hygienic environments, especially in the Sports context.
To address this need, Pentaplast – a company specialized in the production of infill for synthetic turf sports surfaces – has created a cutting-edge bacteriostatic SBR granule, in collaboration with the Lebac srl analysis and research laboratory.
The extensive research conducted has made it possible to act on the coating that covers the surface of the SBR granules. A mixture of inorganic salts of Zn 2+ is inserted into the coating, which can be used to alter the surface electric charge of synthetic polymeric materials.
Altering the surface electrical charge enhances antimicrobial activity by inhibiting adhesion and biofilm formation.
In this way, without altering the already recognised chemical-physical properties of Fun Rubber, a filler is obtained that does not contain biocides or toxic substances, where microorganisms such as bacteria cannot reproduce, and therefore cannot grow.
It has been proven that the average reduction of bacterial activity on products treated with the additive present in Fun Rubber Bact is between 90 – 99%.
This bacteriostatic action of Fun Rubber Bact is proven by laboratory tests and Labosport certification.

Additionally, Fun Rubber Bact provides a second key benefit: the alteration of the electrical charge eliminates the unpleasant electrostatic behaviour of the granular components on artificial turf surfaces.
Pentaplast is carrying out further tests required by the 2018 LND Regulations in order to be able to use Fun Rubber Bact on all synthetic turf sports surfaces on LND pitches in Italy. Pentaplast is committed to contributing, in objective and significant ways, towards the health and safety of athletes and individuals alike who play sports on synthetic turf fields.

(News by Pentaplast)