Leafit by Skyfitness: design, technology, functionality

Minimal yet functional, Leafit by Skyfitness is the equipment designed for outdoor training in urban areas. In four different configurations, it can be geolocalised and offers targeted training routes via QR code.

Also published in: Tsport 357

Leafit by Skyfitness is the design workout conceived for public parks and the most exclusive private facilities.

This new product line is the company’s answer to the minimalist yet functional taste in furnishing urban areas, a fitness art installation.

The galvanised steel structure is symbolically reminiscent of a tree whose foliage, composed of 4 foils, recalls tropical trees, and creates a shaded area above the surrounding exercises anchored to the trunk.

The 4 Leafit configurations are already designed to enclose a functional combination of free body exercises: double pull-up bars at two different heights, Olympic rings and parallel bars, bench for sit ups and step, rope climb and low parallel bars for push ups.

In Leafit each exercise is always accompanied by the Skyfitness web app, which, after free registration, offers a targeted, timed and customised training path on the structures in the surrounding area according to the user’s specific training level and available time.

The athlete can thus discover this outdoor gym via geolocalisation or at the location itself via Qr-code.

Resistant to rain, wind and sun, Leafit is approximately 3.20 m high with a coverage of about 9 m2. Moreover, the presence of solar-powered twilight LEDs, one per leaf, allows it to be used even in the evening hours, especially in winter.

The installation of the structures is one of the strong points of Skyfitness services: the technical department has been continually updated for more than ten years and the company has gained experience in more than 600 installations in public bodies, in cities (large or small), seaside resorts, mountain resorts and even in the Venice lagoon.

There are also numerous purchase formulas, including the turnkey option, designed especially for public administrations, with supply and installation including all necessary charges, and an operational rental option, dedicated to companies, accommodation facilities and private individuals.

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