Made in Italy pitches for FC Bayern Munich

The playing surface of the Allianz Arena and that of Bayern’s training centre are made of the Mixto® hybrid system, which was renewed last summer.

(ph. Limonta Sport)

The Allianz Arena, in the Fröttmaning district on the northern outskirts of Munich, is one of the most iconic sports facilities dedicated to football, thanks above all to its enclosure consisting of 2,874 PTFE elements, each of which is equipped with internal artificial lighting in three different colours according to the event taking place there.

The stadium, designed by the architects Herzog and De Meuron, was completed in 2005, and in addition to hosting FC Bayern Munich’s home matches, it is accessible 365 days a year thanks to the presence of conference rooms, restaurants, sports shops, entertainment areas and kindergarten.

The quality of the playing field is guaranteed by the choice of a hybrid turf made entirely in Italy. The pitch, which measures 111×72 metres, is in fact a Mixto® system that was completely renovated this summer in view of the German Super Cup final (DFL-Supercup 2023) between Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig, played on 12 August.

The turf was completely replaced, with the installation of rolls of natural grass grown in Rappo’s Italian nurseries. To guarantee the players the same playing performance, Bayern’s training centre is also equipped with the same Mixto® turf.

Mixto® is a hybrid technology resulting from a symbiosis of natural and synthetic turf, which has been developed by Limonta Sport and Rappo since 1998. It is therefore a natural turf designed for sports turf, which perfectly meets the needs of athletes, coaches and managers.

The general manager of the Allianz Arena, Jürgen Muth, was able to see how quickly the new turf was laid in just a few days, ensuring the smooth running of the Super Cup final.

(News by Rappo Srl).

Credentials: the photos of the works are by Rappo and Limonta Sport. The exterior of the Arena is footageclips/ Shutterstock.