From Mapei a creative use of materials for new spaces in the city

The theme of urban regeneration goes hand in hand with that of tactical urbanism wherever there is an opportunity to improve public spaces to make them more useful and pleasant for citizens; and even more so when the regeneration of spaces calls on the sports facility, itself a generator of sociality, to collaborate.

Also published in: Tsport 346
mapei mapecoat rigenerazione urbana

Even more evident is the correlation between these realities, when tactical urbanism actions take road space away from vehicles and dedicate it to pedestrians, transforming the streets into something other than the grey uniformity of asphalt: here the role of colour intervenes, to be used in a creative way that allows pedestrian spaces to be clearly identified.
For these measures to be effective, however, there is not only the need to use aesthetically excellent materials, but also and above all that these treatments are durable to the aggressive action of the environment in addition to those resulting from use itself.

From this point of view, Mapei’s experience, gained precisely in the sports facilities sector, where the treatments – not only of playing fields, but also of areas used for transit and for spectators – are subjected to exceptional stress, to the heavy wear and tear deriving from the treading of large numbers of spectators, to the continuous action of the weather, to the aggressive action of the air and atmospheric particles, can be an ideal solution for the requalification of urban spaces. Associating the concept of the beautiful with that of the durable and consequently the sustainable.

For the design of new urban areas, the Mapei Sports Flooring line offers a complete range of solutions for the coloured and durable covering of cycle paths, squares, play and recreational areas and even driveways. In particular, the new two-component, water-based epoxy-acrylic coating MAPECOAT TNS EXTREME can be advantageously used for colouring areas, including driveways; in addition to its high mechanical resistance, it also offers fast drying, which makes it possible to optimise construction times and reduce site downtimes.

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