Module, the multifunctional machine from Künzle&Tasin for the care of sports surfaces

The washer-sweeper, available in two variants, is an economical solution (two machines for the price of one) for cleaning large areas such as gyms and tennis courts.

Also published in: Tsport 338

The daily maintenance of gyms and sports facilities with compact surfaces, such as tennis courts, which require both dust extraction and actual washing, can now be greatly simplified with the use of the Module scrubber-drier, the only machine on the market that incorporates the two main functions of fine dust sweeper and scrubber-drier.

Switching from sweeper mode to scrubber mode is extremely easy and can be done in a few steps by anyone. The small dimensions and the main pivoting wheel under the chassis guarantee high manoeuvrability and control, making Module able to work even in congested areas.

The right mix of compactness and rubustness makes the machine strong and powerful, ideal for heavy tasks. The brush deck, with counter-rotating cylindrical twin brushes guarantees high efficiency and productivity. The end result is perfectly clean and sanitised surfaces.

Module presents two variants, a small and a mid size one, both available in a cable or in a battery version.

Künzle & Tasin, 75 years of experience

Künzle & Tasin Srl, set up in 1946, is supplying the most important rental companies and professional floor contractors worldwide with a full range of equipment for treatments on several different surfaces, in particular on wooden floors. In 2019 Künzle & Tasin launched Multi Mode Line, a new range for professional cleaning, that features models with unique and distinctive characteristics, such as the washer-sweeper Module.

A multidisciplinary approach that allows to meet the needs of professionals who operate in different environments and sectors, including the sports facility, combining the best quality and results.

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