Omsi seating at the Rabat Sports Palace in Morocco

As part of the renovation of the Sports Palace in Rabat, Morocco, Omsi has installed new seating.

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Omsi seating has been installed at the Sports Palace in Rabat, the capital of Morocco: this is a sports building that hosts various disciplines (basketball, handball, five-a-side football, volleyball…).

The building is located within the Moulay Abdellah sports complex and has a seating capacity of about 6,000.

The Moroccan Ministry of National Education and Sports has started architectural renovation and adaptation work to harmoniously integrate the facility within the Moulay Abdellah sports complex, which aims to host future international sports events, in particular the 2025 Africa Cup of Nations and the 2030 World Cup.

Last April, the Moroccan futsal team (FIFA World Futsal Championship) officially qualified for the semifinals of the African Cup of Nations after beating Zambia 13-0 at the Sports Palace in Rabat; with this victory, the Moroccan team is now in first place in Group A, with nine points from three wins over Angola, Ghana and Zambia.

Omsi srl was at the forefront in both supplying and installing the new seats for this important sports facility.

The following Omsi seating models was installed:

  • 5,000 one-piece seats model M2020 in the popular areas;
  • 1,200 folding seats model M2013 in the hospitality areas;
  • 350 VVIP and VIP seats model Leonardo Gold and Leonardo Silver in the central grandstand;
  • 150 press and commentator stations.

Omsi always endeavours to offer a wide range of innovative and customised products, favouring quality and aesthetics and combining high technical level and sustainability.

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