Paradello Sport Turf: the UEFA 5-Star natural turf

Sport Turf is the 100% natural turf ideal for stadiums and sports centres of professional clubs: it meets the quality performance standards defined by the football federations (FIGC, UEFA, FIFA), and comes from the experience of the company Paradello – professionals in natural turf, which has specialised in turf and sports fields for 30 years.

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Sport Turf surface at Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia (Ph. Tsport).

Paradello Sport Turf has been chosen by the best Italian stadiums and sports centres, and also supplied to prestigious fields in Europe. For the current sports season, it has been installed at the Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia and the Stadio Zini in Cremona in Serie A, as well as the prestigious Allianz Riviera in Nice, France. Major works are planned for 2023 in Switzerland, France and Italy. Among the most iconic references in recent years are the San Siro Stadium, Juventus’ La Continassa sports centre, the Gewiss Stadium in Bergamo, as well as the Stade Bauer in Paris.

Quality testing

Sport Turf is monitored in the production nursery through quality tests with technological instrumentation. Using this method, it is possible to certify compliance with optimum standards. “The customer can visit the production nursery in the months leading up to the delivery and re-sowing operations and see the product in the field. We then provide a report containing objective data on agronomic, aesthetic and playability aspects.” (Pierluigi Filippini, Production Manager).

For example, the pitch chosen for the recent renovation of the Mapei Stadium, obtained the maximum UEFA 5-star rating just before shipment, which took place in refrigerated trucks to better preserve the turf during transport.


The performances range from ‘playing quality’ to ‘physical quality’ and ‘agronomic quality’.

Therefore, the bounce and rolling of the ball, the flatness, which must be perfect millimetrically, and the rotational resistance (friction to the traction imparted by the player through the cleated shoe) are evaluated.

Very important are the biomechanical values, where compliance with the parameters is crucial to prevent dangerous injuries and fatigue for athletes. (shock absorption, energy return, hardness, vertical deformation).

Sport Turf also excels in maximum drainage capacity. While UEFA considers a vertical hydraulic infiltration of 200 mm/h to be optimal, Sport Turf drains on average up to 1000 mm/h.

Other objective data certifying Sport Turf’s compliance with the FIFA parameters are agronomic data: rooting, density, absence of diseases, harmful insects, felt and others, meeting 100% of the score as in the case of the test for the Mapei Stadium.

Last but not least is the aesthetic aspect, which is measured by assessing the homogeneity and accuracy of the turf and by measuring the turf vigour index measured with NDVI instrumentation.

Guaranteed durability: maintenance

The same levels of quality (FIFA Quality Programme for Natural Playing Surfaces) are maintained once the turf has been laid.

In fact, modern football requires that the playing surfaces are always perfect: impeccable for the spectacle they have to offer live and on TV, but also safe for the players and capable of expressing a technical and fast game.

Sport Turf is cultivated on certified silica sands, and is composed of patented varieties of turf grasses. This particular method of construction allows optimal quality standards to be maintained over time. 

The pitches managed by Paradello’s Groundsmen are monitored with periodic tests, to assess the fluctuations and trends of the turf over the course of the season as the game wears on. The data is entered into software that also generates graphs and highlights any deviations in order to prevent critical situations by intervening with advanced maintenance techniques.

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