Premier Supercourt® X3 by Mondo

Premier Supercourt® X3 by Mondo is an official product of the International Padel Federation and Premier Padel.

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Premier Supercourt® X3 is the latest product from Supercourt®, the system designed by Mondo in close collaboration with the World Padel Tour and a key player on the world padel circuit.

Mondo’s Supercourt® system for padel

Mondo began developing synthetic turf systems for the game of padel in the early 2000s. Mondo’s synthetic turf surfaces for padel were the first to be homologated by the Spanish Paddle Federation in 2012. That year also saw the start of the collaboration with the World Padel Tour, for which Mondo was the Official Supplier from 2015 to 2023, with Supercourt® XN as the Official Product of the tournament.

Today, with the reconfiguration of the world padel circuit, Mondo is Premier Padel and International Padel Federation Official Turf; Premier Supercourt® X3 is Premier Padel and International Padel Federation Official Product. The product was installed at the 8 courts of the Rome event in June. The areas outside the courts were also equipped with Mondo’s product: the Shot XN.

Following closely the evolution of padel since its debut, Mondo has developed a range of products specifically for the practice of this sport at all levels. In particular, Supercourt® is the system designed in close collaboration with the World Padel Tour and presented, in its first version, in 2016, for the tournament centre court and to offer sports clubs the performance of professionals.

The durability of the turf and the playing performance are key elements for an excellent padel court: this is why Mondo has optimised its range of filaments, adopting polyethylene with an exclusive formulation to increase the resistance of the fibres to wear and tear, and taking care of the morphology of the monofilaments, designed to guarantee the turf maximum dimensional memory.

The latest development in the system is Premier Supercourt® X3, consisting of three different textured monofilaments: XNova combined with XOmega and XDelta (see image left).

The thermo-mechanical treatment of the fibres results in curled filaments.

The system, which has a yarn height of 10 mm, clogged with sand, has a double-layer polypropylene backing, onto which the fibres are woven and affixed with polyurethane application.

Alongside the Official Premier Padel Product, Mondo offers, for all the needs of sports clubs, the Supercourt® XN, with the combination of two types of textured thread, and the Shot XN, with the XNova textured thread type; and finally the STX, in single-strand twisted.

Some of the stages of Premier Padel 2024: top, Seville; bottom, Riyadh.

The world of padel in 2024

2024 is the breakthrough year for world padel: the two circuits of recent seasons have been unified into Premier Padel, which has taken over the World Padel Tour, with a single calendar of tournaments spread around the world and throughout the year.

While the inaugural event was in Riyadh from 26 February to 2 March, in Italy the BNL Italy Major in Rome is from 17 to 23 June at the Foro Italico, followed by the P2 in Genoa and the P1 in Milan in December.

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