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Mondo Spa

Piazzale Edmondo Stroppiana 1 - 12051 Alba Fraz. Gallo (Cn) – Italy
(+39) 0173 232114 - (+39) 0173 232591     
Contacts: Nicolas Ameri (Sales Manager)
Fabio Meinardi (Flooring and Artificial Turf Systems)    


How to create an athletics track

How to create an artificial turf

Mondo manufactures prefabricated sports surfaces that have long served as the main point of reference for the majority of athletes and sports federations in terms of quality and performance, both in competitions and in training.

The mission of the company is to open up new horizons in terms of sporting performance, studying and developing the right surface for each discipline, with a view to designing and implementing specific solutions that can improve the performance of athletes, both when training and competing.

Mondo’s sports floorings: statistics and excellence

To date, 12 Organizational Committees have selected Mondo as the supplier of the athletics tracks for 12 consecutive editions of the Olympic Games (from Montreal to Tokyo 2021).

World Athletics has also chosen Mondo for the last 12 editions of the World Athletics Championships and for 14 Indoor Championships. According to the statistics provided by World Athletics, more than 280 world records or 70% of all records currently recognized by World Athletics have been set on Mondo tracks.

Since 2006, Mondo has been working with Uefa Futsal to design, produce and install futsal pitches suitable for competitions at the highest level: 20 editions of the UEFA Futsal Cup and the Champions League have been held on Mondo surfaces.

Mondo has been working in partnership with the World Padel Tour since 2013, and has been its Official Supplier since 2015. To date, there are more than 13,000 Mondo padel courts in the world, and more than 1400 official competitions have been played on its artificial turf systems.

At least 260,000,000 athletes have used MONDO flooring or equipment at least once.

Mondo boasts 95 registered patents, and 210 registered trademarks.
Mondo’s commitment is not limited to working with athletes and federations to achieve excellent performance and results; the company is also dedicated to health and safety.

We know that athletes of all levels and ages train and play in facilities with Mondo flooring. For this reason, as well as dedicating our attention to their performance, we also view health and safety as essential requirements in our research.

Our sports flooring guarantees minimum VOC emissions (as certified by independent external laboratories such as UL Environment, which awarded Mondo the Greenguard Gold certificate, or the accredited laboratories that have awarded Class A+ rating, in accordance with the French regulations).

Made in Italy production, for global projects

We manufacture our surfaces in our factory in Gallo d’Alba.
The plant is certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 (quality management) and ISO 14001: 2015 (environmental management) requirements, and is equipped with a 4.6 MWp photovoltaic system that prevents 2000 tons of CO2 per year from being released into the atmosphere.
We select our raw materials with great care, and these include up to 40% recycled materials without contaminants, along with around 10% rapidly renewable materials, thus providing a product that is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.