PU Gym Refresh from Mapei, the innovative solution for sports floors

PU Gym Refresh Mapei is the new finish for protecting, upgrading and modernizing sports floors with a touch of creativity.

Also published in: Tsport 357

PU Gym Refresh from Mapei is a two-component water-based aliphatic polyurethane topcoating, specifically formulated in the company’s Research & Development laboratory.

It is a new finish to protect, upgrade and modernize existing sports floors with a touch of creativity, thanks to the customised ColorMap colouring technology, while also providing the non-slip characteristics required for school and non-school environments.

Easy to use on resilient sports floors such as PVC, rubber or indoor linoleum, PU Gym Refresh is optimal on existing installations, but can also be applied to new floor coverings.

Designed to be a durable finish, PU Gym Refresh is highly resistant to abrasion and scratching, thus maintaining the integrity of joints in prefabricated subfloors subject to frequent cleaning and the durability of the flooring surface.

The special water-based formulation of PU Gym Refresh makes the product odourless, an ideal feature to ensure the comfort of applicators and, subsequently, users.

Thanks to its special chemical composition, PU Gym Refresh is particularly resistant to UV rays.

This Mapei product is specifically formulated to increase protection against bacteria, and is therefore suitable for use on surfaces in environments where a high level of hygiene and prolonged resistance to cleaning is required, such as schools or the health sector. Each 7 kg pack is sufficient to cover an area of 30 square metres.

PU Gym Refresh therefore makes it possible to

  • coat and protect PVC, rubber or linoleum indoor sports or recreational surfaces;
  • renovate and modernise the flooring of school gyms, private gyms and fitness centres and many more;
  • unleash your creativity and colour your flooring with imagination and no colour limits;
  • improve the mechanical properties of prefabricated floors and increase the durability of the surface itself;
  • increase protection from bacterial attack, making it suitable for use on surfaces where special hygiene is required.

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