RADICI SPORT upgrades the Pro Eureka Settimo sports centre

At the ‘G. Sattin’ Sports Centre in Settimo Torinese (Turin, Italy), RADICI SPORT was engaged in a real all-round renovation.

In recent years, the company has developed as a general contractor for important works, including the Monteboro sports centre owned by FC Empoli, UC Sampdoria’s 3C football pitch in Bogliasco, and now Pro Eureka Settimo’s sports centre.

Right from the beginning, RADICI SPORT found in Pro Eureka Settimo a receptive partner, who gave full confidence for the transformation of a sports centre that had been almost abandoned until then. The company was assisted from the feasibility study to the development of the actual executive project. Such an important investment was made available to a relatively small community, representing an example for many sports centres in Italy in need of renovation. The redevelopment of the Settimo Torinese area is an all-round social project.

Starting from a situation of semi- decay of an important area, in a few months two 11-player football pitches, a 7-player football pitch and a 5-player football pitch were built, complete with fencing and all sports equipment.

As a result of an important work of comparison and evaluation of every single detail, RADICI SPORT and the ASD Eureka Settimo company have redefined and optimised all the playing areas to meet the needs of a football club whose goal is to obtain important results with the first team and above all the development of the youth sector. The 7 and 5-a-side football pitches will also be made available to the entire Settimo Torinese community for the organisation of friendly matches and amateur tournaments.

The executive project envisaged the complete redefinition of the area: the first works on site led to the demolition of a reinforced concrete grandstand and the excavation of an area that for the most part was extremely uneven compared to the plan established for the construction of the new football pitches. Subsequently, new walls and countermeasures were built to support the roads in the south-west area of the venue. In addition to this, all the new containments of the football and five-a-side football pitches were redefined with the construction of new cast-in-place concrete perimeter kerbs.

Brand new fences certified according to UNI EN 13200-3 have been attached to these. On some sides of the various pitches, nylon ball protection fencing up to a height of 6 m has also been installed.

The 11-a-side football pitches were constructed with a vertical drainage underlayment, complying with the regulations laid down by the LND Standard and FIFA Quality Pro standards currently in force. The 7-a-side and 5-a-side football pitches were also constructed with the same drainage system in order to ensure maximum usability of the sports surfaces even in the event of particularly adverse weather conditions.

The artificial turf used for this specific work, installed on all of the approximately 19,000 square metres, is the innovative RADICI SPORT XWR EVO 3D. This is a latest-generation turf, consisting of special mono-extruded polyethylene anti-abrasive monofilament fibres with 3 different yarn sections and 3 shades of green.

The yarns that make up this specific turf have the characteristic of having regular sections that guarantee great resilience of each individual tuft and ensure constant performance over time in terms of ball glide and bounce. These yarns are specially designed to meet the needs of sports fields with intensive or extreme use.

On the main court, which has dimensions of 112×70 m, a latest-generation system has been installed consisting of a performance shock-pad coupled with the RADICI SPORT XWR EVO 3D turf, which has a height of 52 mm. The stabilising infill consists of LND-certified silica sand and the performance infill of LND-certified SBR granule.

The pitch in question will be LND certified with the possibility of playing matches up to the Serie D category, in addition to FIFA Quality Pro certification.

The smaller 11-a-side football pitch (103×60 m), on the other hand, was constructed with an artificial turf system RADICI SPORT XWR EVO 3D 52 and filled with sand and certified SBR granules. Again, the pitch will be subject to LND homologation and will guarantee the possibility of playing matches up to the First Category. The pitch will also be available for all FIGC matches of the Scholastic Youth Sector and up to the Regional Juniores category.

As required by LND regulations, the 11-a-side football pitches are both equipped with an irrigation system. In this specific case, a state-of-the-art solution was installed in terms of energy saving, durability and reliability of the system.

For the 7-a-side and 5-a-side football pitches, RADICI SPORT opted for the same systems but with a 40 mm thickness.

Every single piece of sports equipment (goals, benches, flags) was also chosen with great care, and for the main pitch, the latest generation of benches were installed, produced by a leading company in the sector, consisting of padded seats customised in their entirety with the ASD EUREKA SETTIMO company colours and logos.

The partnership was celebrated on 24 May 2024, with the presence of personalities from show business, the sporting world and politics, during the inauguration of the pitches and the ribbon-cutting ceremony.