Safe Log’s Safe Floor in the Seychelles

The Safe Log company recently installed its Safe Floor anti-slip flooring in a resort in the Seychelles islands.

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Safe Log has installed Safe Floor flooring in a resort in the Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa, rich in beaches, coral reefs and nature reserves.

The company was commissioned to install its soft, non-slip flooring as a covering for the pools and in the spray park of the play area in a soon-to-open resort near the Anse Intendance beach on the island of Mahé.

The three pools that make up the paved area of this installation show the ductility of Safe Floor, which can be adapted to any shape and customised with a very wide range of colours.

The first in Europe adaptable to any surface, chlorine tested and certified non-slip barefoot, Safe Floor is a new generation material that enters the field of swimming pools and water parks with many technical factors in its favour.

Available in sheet, tile or custom-made, with a thickness of 7 or 10 mm, Safe Floor is designed to meet the most stringent safety standards. The soft flooring offers a non-slip surface that reduces the risk of slips and falls, providing maximum protection in environments such as swimming pools and water parks.

The materials from which Safe Floor is made are of high quality, providing exceptional resistance to use, water and chemicals. The flooring retains its anti-slip characteristics and structural integrity over time, offering a long-term solution to keep spaces safe and welcoming in wet areas.

Safe Floor by Safe Log, one solution for different environments and surfaces

Safe Floor can be installed on any surface, adapting to the most diverse environments: swimming pools, playgrounds, water parks.

We can in fact recall that the Safe Floor anti-slip flooring by Safe Log has been successfully applied in our country both in theme parks such as the Lego park of Gardaland or the Aquafan in Riccione, and in campsites and tourist villages such as the Camping Village in Ispra (Varese).

Even in more domestic solutions, Safe Log’s team of experts will take care of the professional installation, guaranteeing an impeccable result followed by extremely simple maintenance.

Camping village in Ispra (Va)

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