The 2020’s: an Era of More Comfortable More Pleasurable Tennis Court Surfaces

The TOP CLAY® surface by Viganò Pavitex combines the playing comfort of traditional clay courts with easy maintenance.

Also published in: Tsport 341

Throughout the world, the majority of leading tournaments are played on Clay and Hard courts. Most clubs follow this lead.
In the 2020’s, we see club players, vacationers, private court owners, and instructors express their need for more comfortable play.
Surfaces providing more pleasure for their tennis.

In the past, more comfortable courts often sacrificed playing characteristics. And they didn’t look carefully enough at the lasting qualities.
Incorporating clay, the most comfortable playing element, is a good way to start. Traditional clay courts, although differing in their base construction, necessitate burdensome maintenance costs. Further, in countries that know winters, vast numbers of m², often on valuable land, sit unused for months.
At Viganò Pavitex, we believe our TOP CLAY® surface solves the problem. The game is very much the same as on traditional clay courts. Several fine clubs in Switzerland and France have both traditional clay and TOP CLAY® courts, with players moving from one to another, even during tournaments.

The best way to get the information and the feel for play on TOP CLAY® is to “play”. Let us help you find the most convenient area where this can be done.
But, and it’s a bit “but”, clay is not everybody’s cup of tea. For a lot of reasons. Sand was the first place to look to find a more universal comfort surface. Ideally, colored sand. Technological progress has helped solve the problems that existed in years past. We call our surface Top Sand®. We believe it’s the most versatile courts’ surface available.
We also looked at indoor courts, primarily hard courts. Some are vertically cushioned. In our opinion today’s tennis shoes offer the vertical cushioning necessary. Real playing comfort is directly related to the ease of foot pivot and controlled slide.
Surface elements that move with the foot best accomplish this. Indoors, we use a small quantity of EPDM rubber granulates, in-filled into our textile membrane. We call this surface TOP SLIDE®.

Now, one might ask, what is Viganò Pavitex, a producer of textile membranes doing in the tennis court surface business? The structured textile membranes produced by Viganò Pavitex are an ideal support for the 2/3 infills of the “Tops” courts– clay, sand, or EPDM Granules. The membrane is fully porous, extremely resistant, and is easily glued to the hard base, vital to provide a uniform homogeneous ball bounce.
Since the 1990’s some 3020 Viganò Pavitex textile membrane courts have been in play. TOP CLAY® courts, starting in 2009, are now in play in 31 countries on more than 1350 courts.

(News by Viganò e Pavitex spa)