The AKN system and QUEEN destratifiers by Apen Group

Boilers, Unit Heaters, Modular Heating Units and Hanging Generators: Apen Group’s proposals for heating and cooling of industrial and sports environments guarantee efficient performance and Smart controls.

Also published in: Tsport 350

An interesting system heated with Apen Group products, in detail boilers with unit heaters and air destratifiers, is the one created for the “GETFit” Sports Centre in Milan (published on TSPORT 340).

AKN condensing boilers, available in 5 models from 32 kW to 100 kW, combined with AB series or AX series electronic unit heaters, are the ideal solution for heating sports facilities.

The modern design and the quality of the components used guarantee the customer an excellent investment over time on a product that fully complies with the European Community’s Ecodesign Regulation.

High combustion efficiencies of up to 108% guarantee significant fuel savings compared to traditional non-condensing products. The AKN boiler is energy efficiency Class A with a premix burner in NOx Class 6.

The AKN System

The AKN System does not require any special technical room for positioning. In fact, as well as in the room or in a technical compartment, the boilers can be installed outdoors, avoiding the use of “operating” space inside the room itself.

The particular conformation of the hydraulic circuit of the boiler and unit heaters allows multiple types of installation, both in terms of height and distance, between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The positioning of the pipe outlet, for connection to the unit heater, in the lower part of the boiler, guarantees the installation of the outdoor boiler at an accessible height, both in terms of positioning and maintenance. The positioning of the unit heater at the correct height for the room to be heated and a reduced connection path, between the external boiler and the unit heater, allow immediate advantages due to low pressure drops and high water flow rates on the coil.

With the AKN System, in case of replacement of the heating system, it is possible to access the tax deduction on the purchase price of the products and the construction of the system, including disposal of the existing system. The tax deduction is only possible in combination with an “evolved” thermoregulation system in Class V^ or higher, such as our SmartEasy and SmartWeb chronothermostats.

The SMART Touch Screen control manages and optimises the operation of individual or grouped units.

Through the connection to an intranet, complete remote management of the system is possible via a browser on a computer or via http address.

The electronics developed are also of great help to maintenance services as they report the operating history and the most important parameters.

QUEEN Series destratifiers

The QUEEN series destratifiers were installed to optimise the heating of the sports centre’s facilities and, consequently, create better environmental comfort.

The QUEEN have been specially designed to reduce air stratification and homogenise the temperature of the rooms where they are positioned, exploiting the powerful air throw of the axial fans with which they are equipped.

The concept of destratification, at the basis of this product, is simple: the hot air that tends to remain in the upper areas of heated rooms is sucked by the axial fan mounted on the destratifier and pushed downwards in the areas where people are present.

(New by Apen Group Spa).