WM Autopilot: autonomous driving conquers the ice

At WM technics, located in the Province of Bolzano, several innovative technologies have already been launched. The ground on which the company is now moving, namely the WM Autopilot for ice-skimming machines, is particularly forward-looking.

The basic principle of Industry 4.0, its ‘engine’, is automation. And, when speaking of automation in mobility, this refers to autonomous driving. The latter, however, does not only apply to our cars and trucks: autonomous driving has also proved its effectiveness on ice, thanks to the Bolzano-based company WM technics.

In the far north of Italy, with innovation at the heart of the company’s philosophy, the creative minds at WM are continuously exploring new concepts: from over-the-air systems, via an adaptable multifunctional joystick, to revolutionary tool carriers for agriculture much has been conceived and created in Prato Isarco, Bolzano.

The latest innovation from WM technics is the Autopilot for ice scraping machines. The WM Shira and WM Mammoth models equipped with this technology can operate completely autonomously, without the need for an ‘ice master’ at the helm, and work perfectly on frozen surfaces. At the end of the job, they clear the slope, automatically empty the tank and move back into the garage.

All this is possible thanks to a series of sensors installed both on the machine and in the surrounding environment. Also of note is the safety concept: if something in the environment does not match the expected data, for example the presence of a person within range, the ice scraper stops immediately. Furthermore, thanks to the Over-the-Air WM Connect system, the machine’s system can always be accessed remotely, allowing remote control in the event of an emergency.

With this self-developed autopilot, WM technics has raised the bar and sent a clear message to its competitors, but also to its loyal customers and potential new customers: innovation on ice comes through Bolzano.

(Edited by WM technics).