Manerba del Garda (Brescia): Private athletics facility

In the yard of a villa on the Garda hills, a private athletics facility with synthetic sports surfaces of the highest quality has been created in full view of the lake.

Also published in: Tsport 337

On a plot of land of about one hectare, about 400 metres from Lake Garda, a villa dating from the 1970s has recently undergone careful renovation and extension, part of which has been devoted to the creation of a bed and breakfast with four spacious and well-equipped rooms.
The owner, who boasts a past as a former long jumper and a lover of athletics, wanted to create, in addition to the B&B, a private athletics facility for personal use, but also open to sports lovers.

The most prestigious intervention is the athletics track for short sprints and obstacle courses, with four lanes, 99 metres long, on which it is possible to practice fast running (60 and 80 metres).
Next to it there is a bidirectional platform for the long and triple jump, which is in the process of being approved. To complete the facilities, a tennis court with a synthetic surface has been built, as well as a multi-purpose field for high jump and five-a-side football.

The athletics track is paved with a synthetic multi-layer, 13.5 mm thick, high quality, waterproof, cast-in-sandwich surface.
From the point of view of optimal landscaping, since this is a highly valuable environmental context within the park of the Morainic Hills of Lake Garda, the correct positioning of the sports surfaces has been thoroughly studied beforehand, using a three-dimensional model for prismoids with triangular faces (Digital Terrain Model).