Trevignano (Treviso): renovation of the athletics track

The athletics track of the sports centre in Falzé of Trevignano (Tv) has been refurbished with a high-performance surface.

Also published in: Tsport 349
pista di atletica di Trevignano

The athletics track in Trevignano, in the province of Treviso, is part of an articulated sports complex, occupying an area of approximately 4.5 ha. The track consists of a 6-lane ring and all the platforms for throwing and jumping.

Due to the deteriorated condition of the sports surface, it was necessary to completely reconstruct the track, redesigning the platforms and pits that did not comply with federal regulations.

The new sports surface of the athletics track in Trevignano consists of a synthetic elastic sandwich surface, obtained by laying a first 10 mm layer of prefabricated rubber mat made in the factory glued to the bituminous subfloor by means of suitable polyurethane adhesive; subsequently, thanks to the new 4.0 technology of the prefabricated mat of the adopted flooring system, the laying of polyurethane resin was carried out only on the joints of the sheets and not on the entire surface.

This was followed by a surface wear layer with a total thickness of 4 mm, consisting of self-levelling pouring of coloured two-component polyurethane resin, and subsequent seeding of thermo-polymer granules (EPDM), also coloured, performed on the layer of two-component resin not yet catalysed in order to obtain partial incorporation in the same.