Sports hall in Dolní Břežany (Czech Republic)

The new-build sports hall adjoins the Dolní Břežany primary school. It can be used by the school for physical education classes, and is open to the public for sports activities and as a cultural venue.

Also published in: Tsport 320

Well integrated with its surroundings and the public space, its modern look is an attraction and inspiration for the area. The sports surface is 45 × 25 meters, and the grandstand provides seating for 250 spectators.
The hall has a rounded, smooth and abstract shape. The dome draws the scale closer to humans, the metallic surface mirrors the surroundings, while the borders of the sky and of the roof remain blurred. The building camouflages its real dimensions and looks smaller than it is in reality. The wide staircase in front of the hall, embedded into the terrain like the building itself, delineates the public space and creates a natural amphitheater.

While the exterior distinguishes the sports hall from the school, the interior blends with it using a combination of white and grey surfaces and solid timber. The interior layout reflects the surroundings. The entrance for the visitors is perpendicular to the street and the parking lot, the west facing sliding window with a view of the town provides a connection with the school yard, and the east facing window is a peek into the future. The hall is integrated into the school by means of a walkway. The heart of the hall is a sports surface of 45 × 25 meters, of 8–9 meters in height, vertically divided into three parts using mobile blinds.