Acquaviva delle Fonti (Bari): Upgrading of the sports center G. Giammaria

The municipal stadium, in clay until 2019, is now equipped with a synthetic grass surface; the athletics track was also renewed.

Also published in: Tsport 337

The Municipality of Acquaviva delle Fonti has a sports facility called “Giovanni Giammaria”, built in 1957 and renovated in its current configuration in 2001. It is dedicated to football, athletics and other sports compatible with the structure and equipment available.
Until 2019, the football pitch was made of beaten earth, a surface that was certainly not suitable for competitive practice; moreover, the playing surface did not meet the dimensions required by the “Regolamento LND Standard”.

A new layer of artificial turf was therefore laid, consisting of a monofilament mono-extruded with a yarn height of 62 mm. The performance infill consists of a mix of organic material of natural plant origin derived from the defibration of tree parts.
After the construction of the new surface for the football pitch, it was decided to also improve the athletics areas and the grandstand, with the aim of further enhancing the usability of the sports centre.

The athletics track, the pole vaulting platform and the hedges track were retopped, with a conservation-restoration operation of the surface wear layer carried out by spraying a mixture of polyurethane resin and coloured terpolymer granules (EPDM).