Colorado Springs (USA): US Olympic and Paralympic Museum

The Olympic and Paralympic Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado is a tribute to the Olympic and Paralympic movement and its athletes and their stories. The museum focuses on the most important values of the Olympic and Paralympic movement: friendship, respect, excellence, determination, equality, and courage.

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museo olimpico e paralimpico seattle
(Foto Jason O’Rear)

Opening in July 2020, the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum covers approximately 5600 square meters, with nearly 2000 square meters of galleries, a theater, event spaces and a café. It is a tribute to the Olympic and Paralympic movements with Team USA athletes at the center of the experience.

The 60.000 sf building features 20.000 sf of galleries, a state-of-the art- theater, event space and café. Inspired by the energy and grace of the team USA athletes and the organizations inclusive values, the building’s dynamic spiraling form allows visitors to descend the galleries in one continuous path.

This main organization structure enables the museum to rank amongst the most accessible museums in the world, ensuring visitors with and without disabilities can smoothly share the same common experience.