Lerici (La Spezia): refurbishing of the soccer field “Piero Bibolini”

In a picturesque position on the Gulf of La Spezia, the old limestone field has now been equipped with a brand new synthetic turf completely recyclable, and a powerful lighting system with LED lights.

Also published in: Tsport 324

These are the objectives of the project for the renovation of the old limestone sand field: to provide a high level of quality to the game of football ensuring a perfectly smooth playing field and free of unexpected irregularities, increase usability as the field can support a high load of play, regardless of weather conditions, approval by the National Amateur League so as to host the competitions of the Championship of Excellence.

The presence of non-modifiable retaining walls and the existence of a constraint on the landscape and the hydrogeological constraint that imposes the maintenance of the permeability of the soil, have led to the need for some design choices, such as vertical drainage rather than horizontal.
The new synthetic turf covering is made of a fibre with a particular shape with two combined and bonded sections, not twisted, with central diamond reinforcement thickening, designed to guarantee very high resistance, resilience and durability over time. The particular structure with two sections and the particular surface knurling, as well as the special polyethylene polymer, guarantee an excellent playing comfort.

The polymers of which the fibre is composed significantly reduce the abrasion and refraction coefficients of the light as well as ensuring, after walking, a constant return of the fibre in a vertical position, ensuring the optimal rolling of the ball during the passages and facilitating the practice of maintenance.
The turf is completely recyclable in accordance with current legislation on the recycling of plastics. It is an exclusive patent that revolutionizes the concept of the life cycle of the field: completely permeable, at the end of its life the covering can be removed, cleaned, ground and subjected to a common process of injection or extrusion to create a new product.
The lighting system on the light towers has also been renovated, with new powerful LED projectors. Finally, thanks to the savings achieved in the auction, the Administration was able to carry out important improvements in the surrounding park.