Paderno Dugnano: The Padel Arena at the Country Sport Village

The sports center has transformed one of the five-a-side football pitches into a covered marquee that contains 6 padel courts.

Also published in: Tsport 337

The Country Sport Village features several sports facilities, some of which are open and some of which are covered.
The operator chose to convert one of the existing 7-a-side football pitches into a covered marquee containing 6 padel courts covering over 2000 square metres.

The roof structure, formed by modular trusses, is made of extruded aluminium reticular and quadrangular tubular profiles; the arched roof profiles are equipped with a protruding extension, perimeter on the two long sides, 150 cm long, supported by steel struts, creating a cantilevered covered canopy.
The roof covering and the gable end plugging are made with a double membrane pressostatic tarpaulin forming airtight chambers complete with sealing valves, fittings and various accessories.

The playing fields are paved with high quality blue artificial grass with white marking lines of the same material; they are completed with fine-grained siliceous sand infill. Each padel court is delimited by an electrowelded mesh fence attached to a painted metal structure and panoramic accident-prevention glass.
The heating system is by air distributed through a galvanised steel sheet duct, centrally located in the facility.