Pero (Milan): The “Gianni Brera” Sports Centre

The modernization and enrichment of the municipal sports center, on the outskirts of Milan, Gianni Brera, is articulated and complex.

Also published in: Tsport 339

The project – completed in a year and a half with all the inconveniences caused by the pandemic – concerned the redevelopment and enhancement of the “Gianni Brera” Municipal Sports Centre in the municipality of Pero. The facility is an important point of reference for the city as a meeting place as well as a sports and recreational centre.

In its previous state, the sports facility included a ring-shaped athletics track, with jumping and throwing; a natural grass football pitch, positioned in the centre of the athletics track; and a synthetic grass football pitch.
The aim of the project was to carry out re-functionalisation, safety, regulatory and functional adaptation of the existing spaces. This led to the introduction of facilities for padel and beach volleyball, as well as five-a-side football, while reducing the number of athletics facilities. As a result, the football pitches were resurfaced with new synthetic turf. A straight athletics track was created, also in short pile synthetic grass, to replace the existing ring.

Two new five-a-side football pitches with synthetic turf and two new beach volleyball pitches with silica sand are equipped with pressostatic covers.
In addition, two new padel courts and one multi-purpose synthetic turf court are equipped with a geodesic covering with an energy-saving membrane roof and side slides.
Finally, special attention, for safety reasons and to comply with current regulations, has been paid to the multiple fences, which are necessary for each facility and for the divisions between one playing area and another.