Turin: Renovating the outdoor surfaces at the University Sports Centre

One of the sports centres that the University Centre of Turin provides for athletes has been renovated in all sports surfaces.

The metropolis of Turin is rightly considered not only the pearl of Piedmont, but also the sports capital of northern Italy, with football clearly dominating. Matches were played here as part of the two football World Cups hosted by Italy in 1934 and 1990. The city’s figurehead is undoubtedly Juventus F.C., Italy’s record-breaking men’s champion team with a total of 36 titles under their belts and also jokingly referred to as the “Old Lady”. In contrast, the women’s team was only formed in 2017 but they are already writing their own success story, having won the Italian Championship five times and the Italian Cup and Super Cup three times each. But Turin also shines in other areas of sport: for example, the city hosted the XXth Winter Olympics in 2006. And let’s not forget: the very first European Athletics Championships were held in Turin.

Polytan carried out extensive renovation work and redesigned the sports surfaces at one of the venues of CUS Torino – the Centro Universitario Sportivo of Turin. A large football pitch and two small football pitches now feature LigaTurf Legend Pro: with its multi-shape filament cross-section, the rubber ensures optimum fibre recovery. It therefore offers perfect sport-specific performance – as evidenced by the turf being certified according to international standards numerous times. The specially designed cross-section also achieves ball-rolling and playing characteristics that are similar to those experienced on natural grass.

LigaGrass Pro has been laid on another small football pitch in Rion blue, with the outer in Rion green. The special texturing technology allows to process functional filament cross-sections with a maximum thickness of up to 250 μm. Filaments with a triangular cross-section guarantee more structure and higher stability. The dual-colour filaments also ensure an extremely realistic turf appearance. For the infill, the purely sand-filled variant was chosen; elastic infill granules were not opted on ecological grounds.

In the athletics stadium, the six surrounding tracks are designed with Rekortan M in Skyblue, while Rekortan M in Hertha Blue was used for the jumping disciplines, as well as for the basketball court, which is integrated into one of the two sectors. This sports surface guarantees excellent acceleration and high tread elasticity. Last but not least, two adjacent tennis courts have been finished with Polytan synthetic turf.

The University Sports Centre in Turin is the largest multisport organisation in Italy in terms of the number of disciplines practised, continuity and level of activities. The main objective is to offer sports facilities for the Polytechnic University and the Uni-versity of Turin to improve the quality of life of all students, but also of the non-academic population. In doing so, the university wants to promote and develop the idea of an “open campus”, to boost the attractiveness of the location to external and foreign students. Today, the university sports centre represents much more than just sport, by focusing heavily on social engagement: in recent years, more and more programmes and events have been developed, which aim to gather resources für solidarity projects and raise funds for cancer research at the university.