Wien: Windtenstraße sports facility Eisring Süd

With the new construction of a sports and fun hall, the comprehensive renovation of the existing ice rink and the construction of an outdoor ice rink, a new polysportive centre was opened in Favoriten in Vienna.

Also published in: Tsport 346

Adjacent to the south of the renovated ice rink from the early 1980s, there is now a new two-storey functional building as well as areas for the new energy-efficient ice technology. On the ground floor, the functional building contains a strap-on room for public skating in the ice rink, the entrance area as well as skate rental and WC facilities. The upper floor houses changing rooms and sanitary facilities, a snack area and a modern street dance room.

The newly constructed connecting wing was built to the highest standards of energy efficiency. The outer shells of the new buildings are constructed in a reinforced concrete-wood mix, which combines the advantages of solid constructions in terms of storage masses with the advantages of wood as a sustainable raw material. The roofs were designed to be green in order to prevent urban heat build-up.

The ice recovery system was also brought up to date. Previously, the waste heat released by the ice production process was discharged unused. With the new energy concept, the sports and fun hall and the connecting wing will be heated and supplied with hot water from autumn to spring by means of component activation. In the future, the energy quantities will be sufficient to also feed the supermarket that is in the planning stage and other new buildings.