Montemurlo (Prato): upgrading “Mahatma Gandhi” gardens

In Montemurlo (Prato) the Mahatma Gandhi Gardens have been upgraded with new playground with fitness equipment.

Also published in: Tsport 351
giardini di Montemurlo

The project at Montemurlo Gardens envisaged the construction of two circular plazas, equipped respectively with fitness equipment and inclusive games.

The need for this redevelopment of the green area arose with a twofold objective: to create a meeting point and to provide an opportunity for outdoor motor activity. 

The fitness area, with a diameter of 10.90 m and a brushed concrete surface, includes 6 pieces of equipment divided into isotonic, cardiovascular and free-body machines, creating a complete training area suitable for all targets and levels. The machines, thanks to the constrained movements that accompany the user in the correct gesture, are all safe and fully functional.

The playground area in Montemurlo gardens, with a diameter of 8.80 m, includes 5 play stations for children, 3 of which (the Tractor spring, the Basket Swing and the Apple Labyrinth game) are inclusive and can also be used by differently abled children.

There are also more classic games such as the slide, themed springs and rubber mushrooms. Underneath the entire area is a coloured cast rubber flooring with the theme ‘circles’ that focus attention on the equipment present.