Bologna Calcio Training Centre in Casteldebole (Bologna)

The renovation of the Casteldebole sports centre, the training ground for Bologna Calcio, involved the construction of a new locker room building and improvements in the existing building, but also the construction of a synthetic turf field on which a 6-month study was conducted to analyze the biomechanical response of players in comparison with the activity on a traditional field in natural grass.

Also published in: Tsport 320

The synthetic turf used for the new training ground, developed to improve playing performance, is composed of a special two-tone double-section structure that guarantees yarn resilience, thus reducing the splash effect normally given by the performance filling.
The special corrugated surface of the filaments significantly reduces the abrasion and refraction coefficients of the light and, in addition to ensuring a natural appearance, ensures a constant return of the fibre to the vertical position after the step.

The innovative formula of performance filling, composed of a mix of organic material of vegetable origin and PFU ennobled, combined with the use of a performance elastic undercoat also in PFU ennobled, guarantee high level performance, also responding to the needs of professional players.
The field, installed at the beginning of 2017, was inaugurated last October, at the end of biomechanical studies carried out under the direction of Prof. Mauro Testa, which allowed to demonstrate that the synthetic field installed at Bologna Fc 1909 has the same yield as a professional field in natural grass.