Naples: Upgrading of the San Paolo Stadium

Protagonist of the highlights of the 2019 Universiade, the Stadium of Naples, renovated with the blue of the athletics track and that of the seating, is now preparing to face the Championship.

Also published in: Tsport 328

The improvement was carried out in two successive stages, but with a single coordinating company, which delivered the renovated Stadium in time for the opening ceremony of July 3.
The first intervention, worth about one and a half million euros, concerned the complete renovation of the athletics facility, consisting of the ring of the track and the platforms for jumps. Built in the 1970s with the old tartan, over these decades the track and field facility had only been renovated and restored.

The 8-lane track, like the jumping platforms, has a bright, intense blue colour with some grey inserts that connect it to the central field. The final surface consists of a 13.5mm prefabricated mantle, which is also the official runway for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
The other project, worth a total of about nine million euros, concerns the total replacement of the 55,000 seats in the stadium, with the restoration and waterproofing treatment of the prefabricated steps of the stands on which they rest.

The colours of the seats ( sky blue, blue, grey, white and yellow ) are the five colours of the Neapolitan team and their mixage is the result of careful study.
The seat, in two slightly different types, is of the high-back type ergonomically designed to obtain maximum comfort of use in relation to the “sitting in motion” position typical of those who attend sports events.
Finally, the two 120-square-metre LED megascreens with high graphic resolution will remain available to Neapolitan fans, perfectly visible, even in sunlight, at an angle of 140 degrees