Andalo (Trento): Reconfiguration of the swimming centre

In the sports park of the Dolomite centre of Andalo, a thousand metres above sea level, the municipal swimming facility has been radically renovated and transformed into a water park for the whole family.

Also published in: Tsport 335

In order to solve the problems of rainwater disposal and snow melting on the roof, where infiltrations were created, the swimming pool roof has been rebuilt with a continuous slope, unlike the three pre-existing ones.
On this occasion, the roof, made of glulam beams, was extended 3 metres beyond the previous limit, gaining space for a winter garden at the edge of the pool. The external fa├žade has been recreated with a wall glass.

The pool, which was previously built for swimming with eight lanes and a length of 25 metres, has been reduced in width, creating a water zone only 15 cm deep and equipped with 13 water games (spray park) for children’s play. The swimming pool now has 5 lanes.
Along the long side of the pool, a mezzanine has been created, made of laminated wood, hung with tie rods from the ceiling, and protected by a laminated safety glass railing.

In the area outside the sports pool, but directly accessible from the inside through a connecting channel, a relaxation pool has been created with seats equipped with water jets for horizontal and vertical whirlpools and cervical fountains. Access to the new pool can take place either through an internal channel located in the new winter garden or through the outdoor solarium.
The work took just over 6 months, and the new swimming pool opened its doors in December 2019, immediately gaining great approval.