Torgiano (Perugia): the Padel Arena

Fruit of the recovery of a disused industrial building, the Padel Arena of Torgiano includes 9 outdoor and indoor courts for the game of padel and a beach volleyball court.

Also published in: Tsport 343
padel arena perugia

The Padel Arena Perugia project is the result of recovery of a disused industrial building, previously used for prefabrication.

The building was renovated and completed in terms of both construction and systems, using renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics on the roof, which makes the structure practically self-sufficient.

The structure is completely air-conditioned and heated even for the courts by means of a radiant floor heating system.
The Padel Arena has 7 indoor courts, 2 outdoor courts for a total of 9 and a beach volleyball court.

The volume designed in the hall space contains 4 changing rooms and a wellness centre on the ground level; the panoramic bar designed and built above overlooks the courts and the fitness area.
The CONI approved structure also includes a medical room and private changing rooms for instructors and competition judges.