Prato: Playground at Macrolotto Zero

The Playground is one of the few existing open-air areas in the Macrolotto Zero district and aims to respond to the lack of equipped outdoor sports spaces.

Also published in: Tsport 338

The project maintains the general layout of the area characterised by a paved portion and a green part, where new trees have been placed to create a wooded area with a variety of shapes and colours. From a functional point of view, the project is divided into functional sub-areas that respond to a homogeneous general design of the spaces based on colour as a background element that invests the entire area.

The Playground is characterised by an area specifically intended as a square designed as a place for socialising and resting, which can be used for events and shows, a skatepark, a five-a-side football pitch, a fitness area and a green area with trees. The most attractive element is a silo for collecting water, which has been retained in the overall design as a reminder of the former industrial area. The project also includes the remodelling of the boundaries of the area with the redesign of the road sections aimed at widening the existing pavements with the insertion of trees and the parking system.