The new Nelson Mandela Park in Sestri Levante (Genua)

The urban park created behind the wooded hill of Monte Castello is part of a program aimed at urban redevelopment of an abandoned industrial area through the modification of the road network and the creation of a large green lung with functions of entertainment, fun, outdoor sports.

Also published in: Tsport 323

The area of 33,000 sq. m. already built includes the swimming centre with a 33-metre indoor swimming pool with gym, fitness area and services, and a 50-metre outdoor Olympic-size swimming pool.

The sports area, inaugurated last spring, covers about 17,000 square meters. The heart of this is the athletics track. Approved by FIDAL as “athletics ground”, it includes a 200-metre ring, with a straight line for 100 metres sprint and 110 metres hurdles; the facility is integrated with the platforms for long and triple jumping, as well as having space for the launch of the weight and for the “vortex”, a sport preparatory to the launch of the javelin.

The sports surface chosen for athletics is a coat (in compliance with the FIDAL standard and IAAF approved), which is made up of three layers. The surface finish is carried out with the manual sowing of coloured (red) EPDM rubber granules: the characteristic of the surface in pure rubber granules allows the cushioning and gives a sensation of softness while retaining the necessary elasticity of the covering.
A rectangular area of about 300 square meters, fenced, is intended for archery. In addition, in a specific space has been created a path for bikers (pump track), with jumps, bumps and parabolic suitable for starting cycling off-road and for technical training.

Finally, a life path of about 800 meters winds along the park, with 12 stations with equipment and signs for the proper use of gymnastic devices.
From the equipped area you can access the trails that allow you to enter the “Site of Community Importance” of Punta Manara, through the top of Monte Castello and up to the sea.