Continuous Training

The public administration needs to be updated and trained, like professionals, to cope with the needs and deadlines demanded by today’s procurement world.

Also published in: Tsport 349

The huge amount of public works triggered by the NRP has highlighted the difficulties our public administration faces in meeting the deadlines set by European standards (and practices).

In part this is a problem of bureaucracy (and the new Public Contracts Code, which we discuss in this issue of TSPORT, attempts some ways to remedy it), but it cannot be forgotten that not all local authorities have at their disposal a structure capable of directly tackling the challenges of Planning with a capital P.

Without arriving at the position of those who, in defence of the free profession, completely reject the reconfirmation of the “incentive” (equal to 2% of the tender amount) to in-house design, it is true that the Public Administration needs to be trained and updated for the entire management of the process of a project – from design to contracting to the realisation of the work.

Let us recall that the obligation of continuous training through the acquisition of training credits – provided for by Presidential Decree no. 137 of 7 July 2012 for all professional orders – does not exempt those who perform technical roles in the public administration, both as designers but also if they do not sign professional acts (instructors of building procedures, RUP, etc.). Moreover, since January 2022, the Strategic Training Plan ‘Re-forming the PA. Qualified people to qualify the country’, aimed at all 3.2 million civil servants, for whom participation in relevant types of courses can also be validated for professional training credits.

Clearly, where public works require highly specialised and qualified technical services with a high level of interdisciplinarity, the contribution of well-structured professional firms or companies will be indispensable for the quality of the result.

We would like to remind – both professionals and public employees – that Tsport and Sport&Impianti’s intensive training programme on the subject of design and management of sports facilities will continue in 2023, with classic distance webinars and in-person seminars, for which training credits will be awarded to architects.

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