Tokyo 2020 for young people

Last December, the International Olympic Committee (CIO) approved the sites for the new sports introduced between the disciplines that will be played in Tokyo 2020: skateboarding, climbing, 3×3 basketball and freestyle BMX, which will be set in an urban context.

Also published in: Tsport 319

The decision to introduce particularly interesting sports for young people goes explicitly towards the approach of the Olympics to the new generations.
Like – in full coherence with the philosophy of TSPORT – see the “street” disciplines raised to Olympic dignity, those that can easily be practiced, even without rules and without expensive facilities, by our children.
We are curious about this mutual approach, and we will go into the reading of these sports “for everyone” month after month (in this issue, a “special” is dedicated to ice skating, even that made for fun on temporary tracks).
The Aomi Urban Sports Venue in Tokyo will host 3×3 basketball and sport climbing. It will be a temporary venue that will be set up in the Bay area, near the Olympic village. The Olympic BMX Course will host the BMX freestyle and skateboard. Also located in the Bay area, it will be built in the northern part of the Ariake district, an iconic place on the waterfront of the Japanese capital.
Overall, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will use 40 locations, including 8 new permanent installations, 24 existing and 8 temporary sites; we are only two years away, we begin to follow the preparation of an event that, after the Korea of these days, will still see the East in the world limelight.