Conipur 2LX+ the affordable sports flooring

A quality, long-lasting sports flooring with low purchasing and installing costs. This is the declared objective of Conipur 2LX+ which has a base layer with recycled components. Ideal for sports, kindergartens and schools.


Lack of money is an ever-present problem in sports clubs, kindergartens and schools. At the same time, however, club members, children and pupils should be able to get good quality equipment – a difficult balancing act.

Conica, known for developing high-quality sports flooring solutions for professional competition venues, presents the affordable sports flooring Conipur 2LX+, demonstrating attention to the needs of mass sports, has developed for the first time an inexpensive floor covering for this sector. The emphasis here is on high functionality, durability and sustainability. Conipur 2LX+ is the most cost-effective polyurethane sports flooring the company has ever developed.

The solvent-free covering is designed to be very economical and of high quality both in terms of purchase and over its entire service life. The base layer contains recycled components. After many years of use, the surface course can be renewed by the retop process, which further extends its service life. The saving in polyurethane in Conipur 2LX+ is around 50 percent. The PAH content meets the requirements for children’s toys. With 24 colours, the flooring offers great freedom in architectural design. The running surface complies with EN 14877, thus protecting athletes from unnecessary stress on their bodies and reducing the risk of injury.


Service as in the professional segment

The system also offers advantages to installers. It can be installed on both asphalt and concrete without special equipment. Due to the two-layer structure, the processing time of this all-plastic surfacing is reduced by a third of the time. Finally, the installer can count on the service offered by the Swiss company without neglecting the fact that the sports flooring can be cleaned mechanically.