A new covering for the padel in Fregene

The padel is increasingly in demand among sports facilities. The roof built this summer in Fregene was designed specifically for this game.

Between Fregene and Fiumicino, on the Roman coast, padel lovers can count on at least half a dozen sports centers that allow them to practice their favorite sport.

However, the possibility to play in any season and in any weather condition is guaranteed only by the structures that offer covered courts.

The amateur sports association Padel Fregene has, from this summer, a covered padel field with a structure designed and built by CIS 2000 Srl.

Designed specifically for the padel, in compliance with the measures and regulations – as for heights and distances – is a structure with galvanized steel arches that rest on vertical elements of adequate height, the membrane cover, polyester fabric bi-coated PVC high tenacity, remains stretched by the arches.

The roof of the Fregene field, installed in about ten days, has a size of 12 meters by 22, with a maximum height of 9.50.

A version of the same roof, but with structural elements in glulam, will be installed for the first time in a few months in a sports center in Milan where it will cover three padel courts.

The system, in fact, is designed to be modular and easy to install, being able to cover one or more fields without difficulty and with low costs, while ensuring a satisfactory aesthetic result.