PalaPonte: the “green” sports hall

The municipality of Ponte San Pietro (Bergamo) now has its own sports hall, a building with high energy performance and Mondoflex sports flooring.

Also published in: Tsport 340

The PalaPonte is the piece that completes the municipal administration’s vision of making sport a vehicle for aggregation, integration and health.

The new arena, designed by architects Gualtiero Oberti, Lucia Oberti and Maurizio Ronzoni, is the sports hub for five-a-side football, basketball and volleyball, but also for other disciplines.

The PalaPonte boasts modern LED lighting, underfloor heating, four changing rooms, an infirmary, equipment storage and can accommodate over 200 spectators; it is also a high-performance “Nearly Zero Energy Building“.

The diversity of sports is also one of the reasons why Mondoflex flooring was chosen. In fact, the Mondoflex system is made up of layers of different composition and elasticity, ensuring a response adapted to the needs of each discipline.

The system consists of the Mondoflex rubber surface combined with Everlay Protection foil. The result is a sports floor that is as shock-absorbing as it is high-performing, capable of absorbing shocks, accompanying athletes in their movements on the field and optimizing grip and changes of direction during training and play.

From a technical point of view, this is made possible by the vulcanized rubber surface with a smooth, non-slip and anti-reflective finish that makes up the Mondoflex layer; then, by the absence of joints between the rolls of the surface layer and a uniform elastic response ensured by the Everlay layer.

In addition, the Mondo flooring is perfectly in line with the values of the project, being made in full compliance with the European Reach regulation; it also has Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certifications, having passed UL Environment tests for more than 10,000 volatile chemicals. Installing sports surfaces with low VOC emissions means actively contributing to good indoor air quality in sports facilities.

(news by Mondo Spa)