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Gea Srl

Registered office    
Strada Parma, 35/a - 43013 Langhirano, fraz. Pilastro (PR)
(+39) 0521 853262    
Contact: Matteo Pulli - Giovanna Della Cagnoletta    




About us

Gea Fun Experience has been designing and setting up play and sports areas for over 20 years to ensure children’s physical and cognitive development. Parks where children can play, learn and have fun outdoors and in complete safety. We believe that healthy fun is an enriching experience and for children it is an opportunity for emotional, social and creative growth. For older children and adults, it is an opportunity to exercise, improve, socialise and preserve mental and physical well-being.

Our offer

Our aim has always been to enhance the area with playful sports solutions that support urban development and create situations of intergenerational and social exchange outdoors.

We design:

Playgrounds (wood, metal or combined) for public and private parks, schools and kindergartens.
Fitness trails for cities, playgrounds, companies, hotels and resorts.
Skill parks, MTB trails for bike parks, trail bikes, tourist facilities, playgrounds, fitness areas, cycle paths and play areas.
-Skill parks for ski resorts: mountain playgrounds, equipment for learning skiing techniques and design of ski slopes with large obstacles

Our services

At Gea Fun Experience, we believe in fun that is designed and not improvised.
From the first contact to installation, you will be followed by our team of professionals.


Together we will analyse your idea, budget, equipment and the needs of potential users. We will recommend colours, design, positioning and type of equipment depending on the age group of the children and their educational function.


Children learn through play, and it is therefore essential to design play areas according to their motor, cognitive, emotional and relational needs. To ensure learning through play equipment, Gea parks are designed by our team of professionals, supported by pedagogues, architects, educators and urban design studios.


Our expertise also covers the installation phase of the products. Teams of highly qualified fitters, up to date with current safety regulations, will install the equipment.


Gea Fun Experience believes in territorial design and in enhancing the strengths of each location, which is different and unique.

Customisation means analysing in depth the history, culture, symbols and colours of an area in order to create parks with themed and identifying equipment.

Our values

We design play areas where you can have fun, learn and exercise outdoors. Each project is unique and tailor-made for every need.

Defined in every detail by our team of professionals, to create value and give a unique character to the territory. Our commitment in every project is to tell the story of a territory also through our equipment.
We believe that fun has no age, season or space limit. Having fun is good for your health, stimulates creativity, relieves stress, improves relationships, and helps children learn and grow.
Gea Fun Experience has always been involved in all those urban regeneration projects with playgrounds and sports areas, which have a positive impact on society and on the wellbeing of each person.
Why do we talk about EXPERIENCE?
Because the aim of our work is to create unique experiences.


All our equipment is certified according to the highest environmental standards and meets the relevant European standards.