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Vesmaco di Cacciani Claudia

via Cassolo, 15 - 60030 Monsano (AN)
(+39) 0731 600 70    
Contact: Claudia Bini    


Vesmaco - corporate video

Since 1966 Vesmaco has been producing and applying resin systems for the construction of sports and civil surfaces: running and artistic skating rinks, tennis courts, pickleball, hockey, multi-purpose, playgrounds, cycle tracks, helipads. Vesmaco is distinguished for having inaugurated, in 2004, a new era of racing skating by designing the innovative track now adopted worldwide: the Vesmaco Track homologated CLASS 1 World Skate. At the same time, for figure skating, it designs and introduces a removable system that makes it possible to transform an indoor sports space into a CLASS 1 World Skate homologated track for the practice of high level competitive activity.