Athletics Championships 2021 on the track of Rovereto with Regupol AG surface

The Italian Athletics Championships will take place in June on the track of the Quercia stadium, renovated two years ago with the Regupol sports surface.

Also published in: Tsport 338

The assignment to the Trentino venue by FIDAL took place last January: it is thus the second time, after 2014, that the U.S. Quercia Trentingrana will organise the most important event of the national calendar, a decisive appointment for the formation of the Italian team in view of Tokyo.
The three days of competitions (from 25 to 27 June) will see Italy’s best athletes running on a track that underwent a complete retopping in the summer of 2019, taking on the new “Blue Sky” colour instead of the traditional red.

The type of flooring consists of a sandwich layer, including a prefabricated support layer made of recycled elastomers, a continuous polyurethane coating – which is laid after smoothing with a two-component polyurethane skim coat – and a surface finish made by manually seeding granules of coloured EPDM rubber, which provides cushioning and a soft feel while maintaining the necessary elasticity of the surface.
The track is IAAF Class 2 approved.

The new Technology 4.0

As with the track at the Stadio Quercia, the Regupol surface continues to be chosen for the best athletics tracks. In the continuous search for perfection in the processes of making sports surfaces, Regupol has now implemented the 4.0 technology for the laying of sandwich surfaces, capable of saving time, materials and therefore costs, while maintaining the physical properties of the surfaces unchanged.

With the new 4.0 technology, in fact, the Regupol underlay mat can be coated directly with polyurethane without any intermediate step: the sealing of the base mat to prevent the self-levelling PUR wear layer from penetrating during installation is completely omitted. In addition, the adhesion of the wear layer to the mat is further improved.

(News by Regupol BSW GmbH)