Celenit coverings for sports venues

CELENIT, through the range of covering products with high sound absorption performance, offers technical solutions that combine indoor comfort with safety, functional design but above all with the eco-compatibility of a certified natural product.

MEDUNO SPORTS HALL Pordenone, IT (design: Stefano Sessolo architetti | photo: Giovanni Pancino)

Designing gyms, swimming pools, fitness areas and sports centres, choosing false ceilings or wall coverings in mineralized wood wool is a choice that maximizes performances.

We start from what the regulatory requirements are with the fire prevention issue (the panels are classified B-s1,d0 or A2-s1,d0); we move on to 360┬░ safety which is resolved by opting for systems certified for resistance to ball impact and, in the case of redevelopment, also resistant to the collapse of the floors. We work on acoustic comfort and on the reduction of reverberation time by evaluating the solution based on the certified alpha coefficient and the required regulatory limit. The A+ class referring to VOC emissions allows for maximum comfort for the occupants. The possibility of designing the covering by configuring it according to modularity, texture, color and finish of the edges and surface allows for a unique and customized design. Finally, last but not least, the topic of sustainability, which deserves a separate in-depth analysis.

CELENIT has in fact made sustainability its mission, producing thermal and acoustic insulation in wood wool since 1963: it deals with insulation solutions, from the production of mineralized wood wool panels bonded with Portland cement, up to the technical support designers and companies. The ACOUSTIC|DESIGN division identifies products of high aesthetic quality for visible sound-absorbing coverings, with flexible design, certified safety and excellent acoustic performance, specific for schools, sports environments, restaurants, hotels, offices and in general for public spaces. The BUILDING|CONSTRUCTION division identifies products for the high efficiency insulation of the casing and dividing partitions.

CELENIT consists of spruce wood wool, water and Portland cement and a percentage of recycled content. The FSC® and PEFC chain of custody certifications guarantee the traceability of the raw material wood and represent the guarantee of rigorous environmental, social and economic standards in forest management. The ANAB-ICEA certification, obtained over twenty years ago, attests to the compliance with the standards of green building materials and since 2015 has been supported by the international natureplus® certification: both enhance the product as functional, long-lasting and innovative and respectful of the environment and of health. The production process gives rise to reduced emissions into the atmosphere and the EPD Environmental Product Declaration certification describes the environmental impacts linked to the production of single-layer and composite panels starting from the LCA study, an acronym for Life Cycle Assessment, which evaluates consumption of resources and environmental impacts in the entire life cycle. The GREENiTOP® brand has been applied to products with certified and verified sustainability characteristics: a true mapping of products that contribute to obtaining LEED® credits. Furthermore, in Italian territory, in the context of green purchasing, compliance with the main Minimum Environmental Criteria is guaranteed and compliance with the performance required by the Itaca Protocol is also guaranteed.

In summary, the certifications of raw materials and products are a guarantee of reliability and respect for the environment, an incentive to build responsibly, respecting the criteria of sustainable architecture with an eye towards future generations.

(News by Celenit Spa)