Energy management in Ecover systems for padel courts

Today more than ever, the energy issue is a topic in the forefront; Ecover has always considered it and is committed to improving energy management, a topic of fundamental importance when building or integrating a sports center with one or more padel courts.
Above all, it is essential to consider it right from the design phase, to convey choices on the type of work to be built.

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gestione energetica padel ecover

Gas and electricity costs have increased enormously, and these items, in the expenditure chapter of a sports center, are becoming increasingly important. This situation is putting a strain on sports centers that may have already faced the investment in the construction of padel courts.
Ecover has always been committed to researching the best technological solutions, in order to offer its customers a roofing solution that takes into account precisely energy management and savings. In fact, it is essential that it is precisely the companies that are committed to finding the best solutions to contain and reduce waste and minimize the operating costs of sports centers with increasingly cutting-edge technologies.
All Ecover roofs, in fact, have the possibility of being made with a double membrane sheet that allows, thanks to the inflation system between the two membranes, to have a lower transmittance and a better reduction of condensation.

This system provides great savings, as the roof requires machines with reduced power to be heated. Consumption will thus sen significantly lower than roofing with a single membrane. But Ecover is already projected into the future: new possibilities are already being studied and tested, such as providing sandwich panel roofs, with an absolutely state-of-the-art insulation capacity that also allows the possibility of installing a complete photovoltaic system, so that the structure and the system become increasingly autonomous.
The improvement and energy management and energy efficiency efficiency of Ecover roofs is also being studied with hybrid systems (panels and PVC membrane), so as to reduce consumption even more and allow the use of more efficient heating systems.

The issue of energy efficiency and cost containment goes hand in hand with the need to maintain perfect playing and living comfort inside the roofs. Ecover is continuously committed, thanks to an in-house team of engineers and architects, to find the best solution for each customer: a wide experience on the energy and heating issue has now been gained, thanks also to the number of roofs built in all Italian regions, with different climates and seasonal temperatures; the best solution has been found for all of them.
Despite the differences in climates and locations, the comfort of the fields that Ecover covers are always the most appreciated: Ecover roofs stand out both for comfort and for energy cost containment.

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