Sound-absorbing coatings by Celenit for sporting and wellness environments

Wood wool sound-absorbing coatings are the ideal solution for sports environments such as gyms, fitness centres, swimming pools and spas or wellness areas. Such environments require adequate acoustic design to ensure indoor comfort and allow both the intelligibility of speech, where required, and the possibility of being in a quiet and relaxing place.

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Club Metropolitan Bilbao (ES), design: B+R Arquitectos (photo: Roberto Lara Fotograf├şa).

Thanks to their special surface texture, the wood wool panels are natural sound absorbers and ensure that the noise is not completely reflected but partially absorbed and dissipated, thus avoiding the annoying phenomenon of excessive reverberation. The division ACOUSTIC | DESIGN by CELENIT was also so named because the wood wool panels, not only provide high sound absorption performance, but also high versatility.

The functional design allows the designer to customize the cladding: from the type of installation to the specific panel module, through to the definition of thickness, edge processing, texture, colouring and the latest surface processing of the GROOVE range. In fact, the proposed solutions can range from the classic false ceiling applications (if required also anti-breakdown, fireproof or earthquake-proof) or wall coverings, up to punctual installations or decorative elements on the wall.

In new and very large rooms, sound-absorbing coating can be defined in the design phase – where wood wool panels are installed in the same frames or drywall structures – in order to guarantee an adequate sound-absorbing surface and optimise the installation phases. In existing rooms, on the other hand, it is possible to act at a punctual level without compromising operations with quick and punctual interventions to be integrated with the existing lighting systems.

Left: CLUB METROPOLITAN Bilbao, ES; design: B+R Arquitectos | photo: Roberto Lara Fotograf├şa. Right: ACQUAIN ACQUAPARK Trento, IT; design: Arch. Sandro Toscana, Ing. Edoardo Iob | photo: Matteo De Stefano.

Particularly reverberant environments are swimming pools and spa areas in hotels or spas where users’ need for privacy and relaxation clashes with the objective limitation of water surfaces that reflect sound waves, creating disturbance and amplifying noise. Depending on the shape and volume of the room, it is possible to identify how much sound-absorbing surface area is required to adequately reduce reverberation time.

It is also important that the materials used guarantee compliance with specific performances in terms of safety, durability and hygiene. In environments with a high level of humidity, it is necessary that the sound-absorbing cladding has adequate resistance and stability, to protect the people using the space, and CELENIT panels are classified, according to UNI EN 13964, in exposure class C, therefore suitable for environments with a relative humidity varying up to 95% and temperatures varying up to 30┬░C.

Left: TERMAS DE MELGA├çO Melga├žo, PT; design + photo: Termas de Melga├žo. Right:: SENSORIA DOLOMITES Bolzano, IT; design: Senoner Tammerle Architekten | photo: Francesca Festa.

The know-how and experience of CELENIT‘s technical staff allow for design support from the earliest stages in order to carry out an integrated design that also enables compliance with the requirements of the Minimum Environmental Criteria CAM (GPP) or the same requirements in sustainability protocols such as LEED┬« or ITACA Protocol.

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